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Related post: Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 08:45:31 -0500 From: Leila Benson Subject: The Rest Of My Life part # 14Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2002 From: Leila Benson Subject: "The Rest of My Life" (Part # 14) Lesbian/Beginning; (F/f) Part # 14 "Tucked In"This is my first attempt to write a story to achieve a long-felt ambition. I had read some erotic pieces before, and some were very good indeed. Still I wanted see if I could reach out with just words guia sexo chile and achieve the desired effect. Which of achilles pees course, is turning 3d childrens porn chil nudiste you on! The very first story I wrote was published some months ago. It was called "Joan and I " That story became a Chapter in this much cute children sex longer story which I'm now trying to break naked child up into chapters or parts. I would love to know if I had my children kids porno desired effect. 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